Dr. C V Raman University is going 100% online, constantly working for the development of its students by facilitating them through online counseling, online Admission, online classes, online assignments, online assessments, and online placements.

  • Online Counseling Online counselor connect & Live chat with counselors. Free Career Counseling has been arranged for students.
  • Online Admissions The students are provided with the facilities for online admissions. We have created campus tour videos for our students to give an insight into every aspect of our university.
  • Online Classes for students have been initiated, including video lectures, online doubt clearing sessions with a huge number of E-books through the digital library also with the adoption of the books, and learning.aisect.org. Now students get access to curetted content for all the courses.
  • Online Assignments and Other Resources Study materials form of PPT, PDFs, Mock tests and training materials are also being made available to the students.
  • Online Assessments University has tied up with India's leading assessments and certification organization advantage to provide the student with quality and transparent online assessments.
  • Online Placements University is providing a virtual Placements process, Career development with communications and personality development lectures online.