Chancellor Message

Prof. Arvind Chaturvedi - Chancellor - Dr. CV Raman University, Bihar I am delighted to note that Dr. CV Raman University (Bihar) is coming out with its first Information Brochure cum Prospectus. It is the most proud moments not only for all of us at Dr. CV Raman University (Bihar) but for the entire AISECT Group which is the sponsoring body of the University. AISECT- a unique benchmark in itself for skill education in India has ushered in a new era of higher education through AISECT Group of Universities. It had earlier set up three universities at Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. The fourth university has now been established at Vaishali - Dr. CV Raman University (Bihar) The common high points which link all the universities of the AISECT Group are- very high quality education affordable and accessible by rural as well as urban class, emphasis on skill delivery at its best, dynamic course curricula as per need of the industries/corporate sectors, most effective teaching- learning pedagogy heavily loaded with ICT tools, excellent research driven environment and ample opportunities for growth. So each university of AISECT Group of Universities (AGU) is a force multiplier.

At Dr CVRU (Bihar) we are seeking energetic youth looking for a bright career and ready to accept the challenges of academic rigorous, we will ensure professionally enriching and personally fulfilling learning process for them and provide environment that will encourage and inspire for innovative thinking, meaningful research and fruitful application. The Sprawling green campus of the University has world class infrastructure, state of the art equipment, a totally digital environment, highly qualified teachers with industrial back ground and certified trainers for skill, excellent research facilities and a very active industry- institute cell. We are very much concerned for an efficient social connect between the university and surrounding society. The vibrant Student Activity Council (SAC) has been adequately empowered to organise lot of events at regional and national level not only related to academic field but also on cultural, social and sporting grounds. All this makes Dr. CV Raman University (Bihar) campus life dynamic & vibrant facilitates holistic growth of students. The Brochure provides glimpses of campus life, programmes available, curriculum and the environment at Dr. CVRU (Bihar)

When you are at Dr. CV Raman University (Bihar) you are sure that you are not only making a successful career for yourself but you are also part of the team which is engaged in realizing dream of New India. I convey my best wishes for all the new students who will be joining us and the staff of Dr. CV Raman University (Bihar) for very promising and eventful forthcoming academic session.

Prof. Arvind Chaturvedi
Dr. CV Raman University (Bihar)