When Everything Else Fails, We Rely On Science

Scientific research and development are required to keep the world running today. Science is one of the only things that develop each and every day. The whole world relies on science, regardless of whether or not they admit it. Science has led to advances in medicine and in technology. Every university should have a department of science with robust infrastructure and lab facilities to produce scientific brains for the bright future of our country. CVRU Bihar has a department of science that is deeply committed to innovation and growth, which makes it stand alongside the other good B.Sc. colleges in Patna.

The facilities and laboratories in CVRU Bihar ensure that any student becoming a part of the university goes on to become an active part of the workforce. Quality education in the field of science has a huge responsibility in developing a nation and CVRU Bihar focuses on that. Modern infrastructure combined with the latest technologies makes CVRU Bihar rank with the top B.Sc. colleges in Bihar.


The faculty of CVRU Bihar is extremely committed to the noble act of imparting knowledge. They use a combination of methods to make sure that every student learns to the best of their abilities. As each student has a different approach to learning, both theoretical and practical methods are used. The theories include classroom lectures while the practicals include workshops and lab work. This makes sure that all the students learn everything associated with the subject.

After regular classes, remedial classes are held to make sure that every student gets their doubts cleared. All students are welcome to attend these classes.

A Bachelors’s degree in science has a duration of three years, with six semesters. Each year has two semesters. To be eligible for the course, one has to clear HSC examinations from any state recognized board. Some prior knowledge of science would be extremely beneficial to the student while grasping concepts. During B.Sc. students can opt for various streams like zoology, biotechnology, computer science, biology, electronics, statistics, agriculture, botany and etc. The following are the core subjects that students study under a B.Sc. degree.


This is the prime subject of science that involves the study of theorems and other theoretical knowledge. Physics is the mother branch of all computer science and programming. There are several fascinating things one can learn from physics like thermodynamics, quantum physics, and astronomy. After doing a B.sc. in Physics, one can even go for further education like doing an M.Sc. and an M.Phil.


The study of algebra, mathematical analysis, geometry, etc is mathematics. One can go for further studies by doing an M.Sc. in mathematics after doing B.Sc.


Broadly, chemistry is the study of compounds and elements. Chemistry can be further divided into its other branches, like organic chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry. One can again go in for further studies upon completion of this course.

Future Prospects:

Upon completion of a B.Sc. course, one can get employed as a research assistant, lab analyst, chemist, or take part in furthering someone else’s education by becoming a tutor.

Going for further studies like M.Sc. or MBA will give an individual better job opportunities, along with more attractive salary packages.

The university has a strong and helpful placement program, which helps students get employed directly after graduation. Job prospects after B.Sc are usually in the research and development sector.