What is BCA?

A lot of students get extremely confused about what course to take up after completing their 12th examinations. This one decision has a lot of banking on it so it must be made very carefully. The first step towards making a plan for your career is to choose the right course and university. It can be the most crucial decision of your life since once it is made, there is no going back. There are so many different options to choose from. We will talk about one really good option here, that is BCA or Bachelors in Computer Applications.

BCA is a very popular course for all the students who wish to have a career in the field of information technology or computer science. With the rapid development of the computer science and information technology sector in India, the demand for IT professionals is increasing daily, which is why courses in this field are so popular. It would be really easy for you to find a lucrative career in the field of computer science after successfully completing this course.

CVRU has a BCA course in Bihar with a curriculum that is designed to focus on the fundamentals of computer science, software development and programming languages that are used in various applications in software-driven sectors. For enrollment into the BCA course at CVRU Bihar, the admission process is based on cut off percentage. A background in science is necessary to enrol, while no prior knowledge of computer science is required.

BCA provides students with career opportunities that are similar to those of B.Tech students. BCA teaches students to deal with very critical areas of computer applications and networking. CVRU contributes not only to the education of the student but also to the overall development of the students. Students are given the opportunity to learn professional skills like management and organizational skills that would help them regardless of their career choices later in life.

The biggest factor to remember is that the IT sector is seeing changes every single day, which is why the course is updated regularly in accordance with industry standards. A combination of traditional teaching methods like classroom lectures and workshops makes the course extremely engaging and interactive for students. As long as you have a keen interest in computer science, you will be very successful in this field.

Career Opportunities

As we have mentioned, there is no end to the type of career you could have after completing a BCA course. These are some of the jobs you can take up after completing your BCA course.

  • Software programming
  • Network administration
  • Application testing
  • Application development
  • Coding

Further studies are also a very good option for a more detailed form of education. You can opt for an MBA, Masters or PG Diploma in Computer Applications. The PG Diploma is a one year course that takes you into more of a detail-oriented approach to the field.