All About Arts Courses At CVRU Bihar

If a student has a knack for thinking outside the box, they belong to the arts stream. Creative thinking has a lot of potential to grow in the arts field. The subjects studied require a lot of creative thinking from the students, and do not depend on rote memorization. If a student decides to study arts, they must be willing to go beyond the course material and do their own research for every topic.

Compared with high school graduation, doing a bachelors course in arts streams gives a student better job opportunities. A student has the option to pursue many different fields after doing any art course. One of the most fruitful fields one can go for after arts is journalism.

CVRU Bihar aspires to be better than arts colleges in Patna by creating a benchmark in arts education. The study of arts involves subjects such as political science, history, geography, sociology and psychology. It is one of the oldest streams of study.

Here are some of the benefits of studying arts:

  • Job skills: Anyone doing a bachelors in arts is exposing themselves to learning important skills that would later help them in their respective careers. These skills can be applied to various jobs like journalism and government jobs.
  • Life skills: The years spent in university make up the formative years of an individual. This is why it is extremely important to select the right university for studies. CVRU Bihar puts a lot of emphasis on the overall education and development of the individual, which is why it is such a good idea to select the university.

Some of the arts courses offered at CVRU Bihar include the following.

Bachelors of Arts/ B.A. (Hindi, English, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, History)

Bachelor of arts is a three-year undergraduate course. Students study a combination of five subjects within the course and they get to choose what these subjects are based on whatever they are interested in. Some of the major subjects are:

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Hindi/English
  • Political Science
  • Journalism
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Economics

Master of Arts/ M.A. (Hindi, English, Economics, Political science, Sociology, History

The course provides students with specializations in whichever subject they choose. Normally students need to pass in four to five subjects to get specialisation in various subjects of arts, social science, literature and humanities. After completing M.A. students can opt for higher education like a PhD or M.Phil.

Master of Social Work (MSW)

This course deals with the micro and macro elements of social work. As the world keeps moving ahead, the disparity between the privileged and underprivileged keeps increasing. Most often, the underprivileged members of society do not have access to basic amenities necessary for living. Social work helps understand all of these issues and how to gather resources to solve these issues. Some issues faced by this section of the society include poverty, unemployment, alcoholism and drug abuse. Students can take up jobs to help the underprivileged after completing this course.