What if helping beings could be your career choice?

One can choose to pursue a Masters in Social work or MSW a humanities course from CVRU Bihar. The aspirants can do this course after completing a bachelor’s or graduation degree in any program. It is not necessary to have prior experience with social work.

The MSW course duration is two years, which is divided into four semesters. Each year has two semesters. MSW course would be perfect for anyone who wants to go for a career in the field of social work, like working in hospitals, communities, and NGOs, etc to spread awareness, address the social cause and help people who may not be very privileged.

CVRU Bihar aims to make education available and affordable to everyone. Due to a lack of proper guidance and facilities, a lot of people who wish to pursue social work are often unable to do so. The university aims to ensure that anyone who dreams of being a social worker can fulfill their dreams. CVRU Bihar keeps updating their curriculum to make sure that they follow the latest developments in the field.

Who can pursue this course?

MSW course is considered to be the final degree for someone who wishes to pursue a career in social work. This is especially important if one wishes to work as a clinical, program director, or supervisory role. Even though higher degrees exist in other courses, a master’s is the final degree for this course.

Some more information about the course

Today with the rapid increase in population the problems associated with it have also increased in multiple folds which calls for social welfare. There is a higher rate of crime, addiction, and other such behaviors. Often in the race of achieving economic growth and development of the country, the underprivileged sections of the society are either neglected or harassed. This ignorance creates a higher divide in society and increases harmful activities. Domestic violence is also a common feature in such sections of society. With all these aspects on the rise, people often forget basic things like taking care of the needs of the underprivileged. The depletion of human kindness, human values, and empathy has given huge scope to the MSW course.

A social worker deals with problems associated with poverty, unemployment, health problems, inadequate educational facilities and others. These problems often lead to other bad habits like alcoholism or drug abuse. Social welfare programs play a huge role in averting such crises from occurring.

Social workers also work with underprivileged sections of the society and also run various welfare activities for children, women, and elder people to look after their health issues and personal problems. Social work is no longer seen as something philanthropic or charity related but is an actual job with good career prospects. This makes the demand for the course even more.

Career Opportunities After MSW

MSW course job opportunities are varied. One can apply to be a social worker who helps different sections of society. One can also become a medical social worker. There are several options for anyone who has done MSW. one can seek employment in areas like clinics, correction cells, Disaster Management Department, Counselling Centers, education sector, gender issues, health industry, etc.