Why You Should Do BCA

Computer science and IT professionals are always in demand in every industry. Science and technology are what drives the economy of any country forward. There is never a dearth of growth in this particular field, as every single industry relies on science and technology for its development

When it comes to studying computer science, students have several options to choose from, the most common one being B.Tech. It is very challenging to get an opportunity to study B.Tech due to limited availability of seats, and the fact that a lot of prior preparation is needed.


BCA or Bachelors of Computer Applications is a three-year bachelor’s course that is offered by CVRU Bihar. The best part about BCA is that anyone interested in computer science can do this course, without having any prior experience with computer science. After getting a BCA degree, a student can get employed in several IT firms with sectors like hardware development, software development, and engineering services.

CVRU Bihar offers BCA to create technical professionals. The world relies completely on technology today, which is why courses related to it are so much in demand. Students have the opportunity to study most of the subjects that B.Tech offers within BCA. The course curriculum is such that it makes CVRU a much better choice than BCA colleges in Bihar.

The faculty at CVRU is very dedicated to ensuring that every student gets the best learning experience and is given individual attention. The student is given detailed theoretical matter to study, along with practical training in the labs at the university, which are well equipped with the latest technology. This helps keep the students updated in terms of the lab and practical work as well.

Course overview:

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

BCA has a duration of three years divided into six semesters with two semesters in each year. The course curriculum focuses on programming languages, the fundamentals of computer science and software development used in various applications to support sectors that are driven by technology. Some of the basic subjects covered in BCA are computer architecture, database management, operating systems, software engineering, web technologies, programming languages like C ++ and Java. to be eligible for the course, a student would have to complete their 10+2 examinations with PCM subjects. It is not a prerequisite to have computers as a subject.

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA)

PGDCA or Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Application is a one-year diploma course that aims to provide fundamental knowledge of computer science. This course serves as a foundation to start a career as a computer operator in the financial, healthcare, media industry, etc. AISECT Department of Computer Science offers a PGDCA course that covers technical, core concepts and practical know-how about computer applications used in various sectors either to resolve technical issues or to complete certain tasks.

This PGDCA course is designed to study the fundamentals of computer science and its applications such as data processing, programming languages, operating system, visual basics, oracle, web designing, and Computer Architecture. Eligibility is based on merit or AJEE.