Choosing Commerce Assures Your Future

Good business and selling skills are very much in demand these days, for every industry. CVRU Bihar is focused on bringing high quality commerce education to all the students enrolled in the university. The right skills and attitudes are very important to sell anything in today’s world. CVRU makes sure that these skills are inculcated into all the students, which is what sets it apart from the rest of the commerce colleges in Patna. In order to meet the growing demand for good commerce professionals, CVRU Bihar formed their commerce department. Selling and business skills are important for any industry and that is exactly what the department hopes to achieve in all the students.

Earlier, the job opportunities for commerce graduates were limited, although now there are many like chartered accountants, chartered financial analysts, certified management accountants and much more.


The faculty at CVRU Bihar is very experienced in their field and well versed in the subject matter. They make sure that every student gets an opportunity to learn. It is also understood that not all students have the same grasping powers when it comes to learning, because of which special remedial classes are held for any student who may need a little extra help. These classes are held after regular classes and all the students are welcome to attend them to clear their doubts.

The teachers use a combination of modern and traditional teaching methods. Lectures and smart classes are equally incorporated into the curriculum to keep the students engaged, as often just lectures can be a little monotonous.

The university also holds regular guest lectures and workshops which makes sure that students get a clear understanding of all the concepts along with the practical aspects of it. The students also get a chance to interact with the guest lecturers, and ask questions directly.

The students are also taught in depth about the changes in their field of study, like GST or demonetization.

The university offers both bachelor and master courses. The student has the option to either go for further studies or for a job.

Future Prospects

After doing commerce courses, job opportunities like financial analyst, accountants, business consultants, tax consultant opens up for the students

Students who have done a bachelors course can also opt for further studies by going for masters.

Undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma courses in the field of commerce are offered at CVRU Bilaspur.